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Accuracy and Simplicity

Our console has been designed simply and quickly to communicate the projected direction of a currency or an equity's movement; the green boxes indicate a long position, the red a short. Full instructions on how to interpret Agnes's analysis can be found in our console, login above.

* Note: Information is from recent closes, and is not a reflection of live projections.

Apple Inc. | NasdaqGS | AAPL
For Date: 2018-07-19
Prediction: 187.060
SC: 146CG: -0.21
Long-Term Value: 183.16

EOD 184.920 ---- LP 0.000 ---- CP 187.060
Facebook, Inc. | NasdaqGS | FB
For Date: 2018-07-19
Prediction: 204.140
SC: 150CG: -0.13
Long-Term Value: 193.39

EOD 201.740 ---- LP 0.000 ---- CP 204.140

Agnes at a Glance

Agnes is a flagship product of Invacio Finance powered by the world’s largest and most comprehensive data repository driven by our own Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Systems.

Invacio’s core-AI (Jean) analyses 1.5 million companies to identify and track the 2995 most important stock symbols and the major currency pairs.

Jean works with historical and real-time data on every company or currency, tracking news, analyst coverage, social media mentions, financials, and industry-specific trends, as well as satellite feeds, weather reports, regional conflicts, natural disasters, and many more.

Agnes is the end result of AI-driven analysis, calculating for each company or currency an always up to date sentiment score, End of period target price, the next day’s expected High and Low, probability factor, and other metrics.

As of October 2017 Agnes has extended its range to offer analysis and projections for each of the major Forex currency pairs, projections for the major equities, with crypto-currencies shortly to be introduced. Agnes's projections will cover intra-period, end of quarter, and end of year values.

From the first Agnes’s forecast-accuracy has ranged in the mid to high 90s and is always rising, with latest accuracy-levels consistently over 98%.

Agnes offers clear market intelligence and entry signals before market open, with actionable Target Prices for trading.

The 2995 tracked companies are collected from all the world’s main stock exchanges including NYSE, Euronext, Nikkei, and NASDAQ.

Agnes is updated every 15 minutes, allowing you to refresh data prior to each exchange’s opening bell.

Agnes is available also as an SMS alert system that delivers each day’s expected Gainers and Losers by exchange.

* as of October 01, 2017

Understand Agnes and how she can help you.

What is Agnes?

Invacio has spent the last 5 years creating what is already the richest resource of organized real time and historical data of its kind. Already far in excess of two billion data sets and ever growing, Invacio Data draws from an astounding range of public, private, online, offline, historic, real-time, proprietary, deep web and alternative sources, all of which are constantly analyzed by Jean, Invacio's advanced multi-agent system artificial intelligence.

These work to track all information available on a specific company in real time, scrutinizing financials, press releases, news, analyst coverage, even sentiment via scanning of social media. Invacio currently follows 1.5 million different stock symbols, of which 2995 have been specially selected via Agnes for subscribers. Invacio’s team includes former director-level functionaries at financial powerhouses such as New York Stock Exchange, InterContinentalExchange, Euronext, and Fannie Mae, not to mention experienced and professional traders in multiple markets and instruments. Agnes was built from the ground up by traders for traders.

Each of the 2995 stock tickers features a market sentiment score, a probability indicator, and a predicted End of Day price, allowing traders to access this information prior to each day’s market open, regardless of the exchange being targeted. Agnes updates every 15 minutes, enabling traders quickly to identify the day’s best trading options. An expression of Jean’s autonomous machine learning systems, the accuracy of Agnes’s forecasts is currently around 80%, and steadily improving.

For those preferring a simpler approach, Agnes is available as an SMS alert system that delivers each day’s expected Gainers and Losers by exchange direct to your phone. Otherwise Agnes is available by monthly subscription and delivered to customers in the form of an Interactive Console to observe all easily, also an CSV database dump file that can be filtered, ordered and queried according to requirements. Customers are therefore completely free to apply their own personal trading and equity rules.

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